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War Memorial & Brooke's Era Tour

Duration : 0900 – 1200 hrs

This is the tour for you if you are interested in WW2 and the Japanese Occupation era. The tour starts with a visit to the Heroes’ Graves. This Memorial is erected in honour of the sacrifice of our brave soldiers who died fighting while defending the sovereignty of Sarawak.

Next, we visit Batu Lintang, which was then known as Lintang Barrack & Kuching POW Camp. Visit the Punjabi Ammunition Hut and the remains of the Japanese Flag Pole.

The last portion of the War Memorial Tour is a visit to the Air Raid Shelter at Park Lane. Then proceed to view buildings erected during the Brooke era – Fort Margherita, the Astana, the old courthouse, the Square Tower, the General Post Office building, the Textile Museum and the Sarawak Museum.
Drop off at your hotel.

Contact Person : Maryann Chua – Sales & Operations Manager

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