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Overnite Trip to Bako National Park + Meals

Depart for a full-day tour of Bako National Park via land and boat transfers. This is Sarawak’s oldest, and smallest national park and is famous for its Proboscis Monkeys whose mysterious lifestyles were recently captured by photographers from National Geographic. The Park is a showcase for exquisite flaura and fauna – from Mangrove swamps of the wetlands, to the dipterocarp forests of the hills, to the carnivorous plants of the dry and desolate plateau.

Trek the Park and wonder at the truly beautiful wind-swept formations of the rocks. The Park is home to many species of monkey, including the shy Silver Leaf and the bold Kera. Your guide will explain the significance of many plants in traditional healing. Overnite at the Park Hostel.

Breakfast at the canteen. More trekking or you might want to just relax at the beach. Lunch at the Park Canteen. Depart Bako in the afternoon. Back to the city.

Things to bring : Comfortable walking shoes, Caps / Hats / Sun-Block Lotion, raincoat, Insect Repellant / Insect Bite Cream, Swimsuit (in case there is time for some swimming), Towels (for overnight trips), Toiletries etc (for overnight trips)

Photos courtesy of: www.sarawaktourism.com

Contact Person : Maryann Chua – Sales & Operations Manager

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