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Masak & Makan Class with lunch (minimum 5 persons)

Duration : 0700 – 1300 hrs

Pick up from your city hotel at 7am. Proceed to a wet market for purchase of food items needed for your cooking class. Together with your “purchasing guide”, pick only the freshest ingredients!

Proceed to the outdoor terrace at Telang Usan Hotel. Don your aprons and start preparing your lunch with the hotel’s chef.

You will be preparing :
Umai ~ Sarawak style “sushi”.
Pansoh Manok ~ Chicken cooked in bamboo.
Sarawak Laksa ~ “THE” dish all visitors to Kuching must never miss!
Midin Kerabu ~ Midin is the super delicious jungle fern found only in Sarawak.

There will be a coffee break while waiting for the dishes to be cooked. What else but our very own Sarawak iced coffee called “Kopi-O”. If you prefer your coffee with ice, no problem. Iced coffee is called “Kopi-O-Peng”. And there will be some local Malay cakes for you to sample too!

Your lunch will be what you have prepared earlier on, plus a couple of extra dishes. Bon appétit!

Should you wish for your spouse / friend to join you for lunch, there will be an extra charge of RM 40 per person inclusive of return transfers from a city hotel.

Contact Person : Maryann Chua – Sales & Operations Manager

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