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PREMIUM CAVING 01 (big spaces & cool streams)

Full day : 0900 – 1900 hrs
Difficulty : EASY

We leave Kuching at 09:00 and drive for about 1.5 hours to a Bidayuh village in a pretty farming valley. Once the equipment and safety briefings are complete we have a 10 minute walk across some of the areas prettiest farmland to the staircase to the cave entrance. In the cave we will provide a briefing on its history and pre-history as you look at the cave paintings that cover the walls. Then we go deep inside the mountain. There are streams, waterfalls and enormous calcite structures to admire as well as a wide range of cave dwellers.

The easy route visits two chambers before leaving through the main exit and going to a second cave for a swim The intermediate route goes much further into the cave including passing through the bird nest chamber before we retrace our steps. After we’ve cleaned up we have some food either in the Kampung or at a restaurant on the way back to Kuching. Timings may vary. Easy and intermediate routes are available. No ropework required.

INCLUDES : Pick up & Drop off at any city hotel , One meal, 2 caves, Basic Caving Equipments , Detailed Briefing, Free photo print of one of your expeditions & photos via email, Caving Guide

EXCLUDES : Insurance, Personal items for the tour, Snacks (nothing that requires you to actually touch the food as bacteria in caves are quite deadly)

Contact Person : Maryann Chua – Sales & Operations Manager

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