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Bau Caves

Morning: 0900 hrs – 1300 hrs
Afternoon: 1330 hrs – 1800 hrs

Proceed for a tour of the old gold-mining town of Bau, about an hour’s drive from the city. Fairy Cave is located about 8km from Bau Town. The cave entrance is about 36 metres above the base of Mount Kapur. A concrete staircase of over 100 steps will lead you to the entrance of the cave. The beautiful view of the valley below from the cave entrance is a sight to behold. From the entrance, a wooden staircase will lead you to the Cave Chambers. When you see the extremely humanlike stalagmites and stalactites, you will understand why this cave is Fairy Cave! There will also be a visit to the Wind Caves. You will see why the name came about when you are there!

** In the event of unfavorable weather, Wind Caves will be closed.

Contact Person : Maryann Chua – Sales & Operations Manager

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